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Our Investor Approach

Why you should invest in Microfinance?

Historically, the primary goal of microfinance was the alleviation of poverty and consisted only of NGOs, specialized microfinance banks and public sector banks. Now the marketplace is evolving and growing with this more people needing alternative financing that is fast, simpler and more friendly. One of the many constraints faced by many people and businesses has been their inability to access capital and other financial services. Formal financial institutions have considered many entrepreneurs and employees to be uncreditworthy and even when available takes too long and requires borrowers to jump through hoops to access loans. Money lenders like Ecredit Ltd and informal financial arrangements have operated in the resulting vacuum to address the need for appropriate financial services. By investing in Microfinance, you are not only putting your money where it will earn higher interest but you are also contributing to the development of the economy by helping more people access loan facilities.


Why you should invest in ECredit?

ECredit Kenya is 100% Kenyan owned company that has been offering credit facilities and specialty financing for over 3 years.

We are an alternative lender that has assisted thousands of customers to obtain credit they otherwise were not able to achieve.

We raise money to lend from the individual investors plus the profits are returned to the business.

We have a track record of high returns for our investors, timely payouts and great relationships with our current investors.

Are you looking for an investment with a higher return?

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