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You can count on ECredit to come through when time is of the essence and you need quick financing either for an emergency, as part payment for your vehicle/asset purchase or that Business Deal that will not wait.


Speed is of utmost importance when it comes to financing. Sometimes, it makes the difference between needing it or not. We give 1hr Loan Approvals and Loan Disbursements within 12hrs.


At Ecredit Kenya we are customer focused. This means that our first duty is ensure customer satisfaction throughout the loan processing journey to completion.



All our systems and procedures are confidential allowing you quick alternative access to money privately.

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For Better, Faster More Efficient Loans

Ecredit Kenya is a locally owned company that has been offering credit facilities and specialty financing for over 3 years. We are an alternative lender that has assisted thousands of customers to obtain credit they otherwise were not able to achieve.

We provide loans against motor vehicles of any year. We process applications as quickly as possible and in most cases offer approvals within just 1 hour of application  and disbursement within 12 hours provided your paperwork is inorder.

Your Team

Our Team

We have an experienced team of Loan Officers, Customer Care Executives and Analysts waiting to assist you in your Loan Process.