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ECredit prides itself on being available to our borrowers when time is of the essence and you need quick financing either for an emergency, as part payment for your vehicle/asset purchase or that Business Deal that will not wait. With 1hr Loan Approvals and 12hr Loan Disbursement, we are most convenient money lender in the Kenyan Market.

Emergency Loans

No matter how well you plan for the future, unforeseen events happen. If you don’t have an emergency fund or enough savings to cover those costs, a loan through ecredit can help.

School Fees Loans

This loan helps in relieving stress of paying school fees either for yourself or your children.

Biashara Loans

When time is of the essence and you need to strike that deal while it's still hot, talk to us about 1hr approval loans and we make things happen for you.

Car Top-up Loan

This loan is geared towards helping you with part payment of your car. If you have 60% of value of the vehicle, we loan you the rest to help you with your purchase.

PayDay Advance Loans

Sometimes you need a boost before pay day. PayDay advance loans give you quick access to cash without the hassle of borrowing from friends and relatives.

Other Loans

ECredit is a flexible financing company.
If you have a specific loan requirement, feel free to talk to us and we can craft something just for you.

Loan Collateral

What you need to get 1hr Loan Approval

We accept motorvehicles of any year including matatus as collateral for your loan.

All you need is

  1. A Logbook in your name
  2. Copy of National ID
  3. Passport Photo
  4. Pin Certificate
  5. Bank Statements or MPESA Statements

Loan Forms (Downloaded, filled and returned)

Download Loan Application Form – Employees
Download Loan Application Form – Businesses

Loan Process

How it works

Once you have all the documentation, your loan request can be approved in 1 hour.

We will value your car, get you qualified (in an hour), verify your collateral and disburse your loan to you in 12hours.


  1. Ensure you have appropriate documentation
  2. Request Loan
  3. Get Loan Response
  4. Secure Collateral
  5. Loan is Disbursed to you

Download Loan Application Form - Employees

Download Loan Application Form - Businesses

Ecredit Takes Lending Seriously

If you plan to apply for an ecredit loans, there are some important aspects that you should consider before applying. We are do our best to help you!

Just because you have a hard time accessing loan facilities for whatever reasons, it does not mean that you will not be able to get one of the many available ecredit loans we offer.

In fact, using emergency cash loans is one of the easiest ways to improve your credit rating. By making timely payments you demonstrate that you can manage your debt. Ironically, by getting small loans you will be well on your way to remove black marks from your financial name.


What People Are Saying

Ellen Kuria

Employed, Nairobi, Kenya

“My friend recommended me to Ecredit for a quick loan. They took less than an hour to approve my loan, so i was more than happy. Great service!”

Eric Wambe

Self Employed, Nairobi, Kenya

“I was lent Ksh. 350,000 in only 40 minutes. Ecredit make getting loans so easy. It’s unbelievable. Great job guys!”

Brian Sawe

Employed, Nairobi, Kenya

“The loan application process is much simpler than I have seen anywhere else. Everything happened faster than I expected. Thanks!”


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